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Frequently Asked Questions & Cruise Reservation Information

Canceling a Cruise

In some cases we will issue a 100% refund and others we will credit a cruise for another date/time. It is our discretion as to what method we decide to use. We will do our best to notify your party of cancelation through phone/email/SMS Text/Social Sites, 48 hours before the cruise time scheduled. If you do not hear from us then please arrive at the vessel for your schedule time. When severe weather conditions are present then the absolute latest that we would possibly cancel would be anytime before 10am the day of the cruise. We monitor weather actively and will notify your party of any severe weather in the area. We will ONLY issue a refund if we decide to cancel the trip. If we decide the cruise conditions are safe and the party cancels then we will issue a credit for another cruise at a later date. 



We reserve the right to cancel ANY trip. If for the reason stated below then you will receive a 100% refund for any money or deposited given.

1. Severe Weather (Issued by USCG, NOAA, local weather stations), 

2. Crew related emergencies

3. Mechanical Issues we feel warrant an unsafe vessel

4. Issues or problems with the party members not following the captain/steward's instructions. 



The items listed below are items that we will NOT issue a refund. Any down payments will NOT be refunded.

1. Any passenger that jumps from the boat in to the water will immediately cancel the rest of the cruise. 

2. Failure to arrive for your trip time 15 mins approx. before departure and missing the boat. 

3. Disruptive party members deemed by the captain/steward as disruptive and unsafe

4. Failure to fill out the Cancel/Rebooking Form when cancelling a cruise. 

     -48 HOURS prior for a public boat cruise 

     -5 DAYS prior for a private cruise

     -Walk-ons NO REFUNDS

5. Parties that book one vessel and show up at the other location. After your booking has been submitting you will receive follow up emails explaining where to go and what to bring to the boat. 



The items listed below are items that we will ONLY issue a credit for a later cruise date. 

1.    Trip manifest falls below the minimum passenger requirements for the particular vessel for a public cruise.

Policies  & Guidelines on M/V Bay Breeze

United States Coast Guard Rules

1. No swimming or diving is allowed on the trip. 

2. We have available on board the proper amount of PFD's (Personal Flotation Devices) for both adults and children. In addition, we do carry infant jackets as well. 

3. M/V Bay Breeze is a Coast Guard Certified Vessel with a COI for 26 passengers. 

4. All of our captains hold the proper, updated, licensing requirements. 

5. Per the United States Coast Guard: Children are able to board the boat with us. However they MUST be accompanied by an adult. It is up to the guardian of the child whether they would like them in a life vest during the trip.


Safety & Policies

1. M/V Bay Breeze cruise boat is a handicap accessible vessel. 

2. We load and off load passengers at the floating dock located just West of the bridge on the transit pier. 

3. Our crew is happy to assist guests on to the boat. We do have a step available to board our boat easier. 

4. We do keep ALL gates locked once underway. 

5. We do allow pets on board, however we do not have flotation devices for them as long as they are on a leash.

6. Before we depart from Schaefer's the crew on board the vessel will go over a safety speech and answer any questions. If you miss any parts of the speech feel free to ask the captain your questions or visit our website under FAQ and Reservations pages. 

7. The crew is trained on procedures for a man-over-board, fire drill, or first aid event



(Walk-On's & Small Groups) 

1. You are allowed to bring take out & snacks during your trip with us. Due to our trip schedules, be sure to bring or have ready everything you plan to take on board so that we can depart on time.

2. We do not prepare food on board vessel. 

3. Outside catering is arranged by the guests and is the responsibility therefore of the guests to arrange food preparations with the caterer prior to the event.

4. For larger parties we will setup the table in the bow section of the vessel for food trays, supplies, etc.


(Corporate Events & Large Groups) 

1. Any food or alcoholic drinks MUST be discarded BEFORE you board the boat. 

2. Our license for alcoholic beverages states that we are NOT allowed to do BYOB.

3. Tax & Gratuity are not included in any pricing or invoices. Parties over 15 on the Bay Breeze,18% will be added, and parties over 20 on the Summer Breeze, 18% will be added. 

4. Large parties are allowed to bring in catered dishes for a $15 Fee. There is a $10 Fee/bushel for bringing on Blue Crabs

5. Be prepared to show ID in order to consume alcoholic beverages

6. If we are able to get a special item for your event we will TRY to arrange it. However, we are not responsible for decorations, items left over, and special items for the event . Additional fees may apply.

7. We do not served frozen or blended drinks on board

8. We are not responsible for damage to clothing, handbags, or other personal belongings that were brought on board.

9. It is possible that you will get wet during the trip. We recommend to wear casual, comfortable clothes.

10. No coolers of beverages are allowed on boards. 

11. We do not have drink packages set up on board. 



1. We do accept all major credit cards, cash, and corporate checks (Must be approved) 

2. ALL COVERS are to be paid in full prior to boarding the vessel, unless approved by management. 

3.Guests who make the reservations online can select options for the trip regarding who will be handling the payments. 

4. Credit Card issues/questions, refunds, and billing questions can be directed to the

Main office: 

114 Spears Hill Road

Elkton, MD 21921     




1.Crewmembers will call out or communicate that there is a fire present and the given location on the vessel. 

2. Crew will move passengers from the danger area, and once safe then identify the type of fire along with the proper method of extinguishing the affected area. (Safest & effectively as possible)

3. The captain will determine the appropriate method of extinguishing the fire. The stewards will provide additional support to any injured persons and also assist the captain in the event of the emergency. 

4. Captain or steward will immediately hail VHF 16 with the appropriate answers, conditions, and location of the vessel. Captain can, hand off the radio to the other crew or a capable passenger on board to assist in communicating with on shore emergency personnel. 

5. Crew & guests can assist the captain with any first response deemed necessary, by the captain. Once secured at the dock then captain will direct crew and passengers to help or clear the area for emergency personnel. 

6. Crew and passengers will assist in any forms or paperwork the emergency personnel will need. In addition, our crew will fill out and log our incident/accident form for the log book.

7. Our crew is here to help neutralize the situation at hand and will need the complete cooperation of the passengers on board to help if necessary. However if in the event that the vessel cannot be saved then the captain will initiate a MOB abandon ship at the appropriate and available exit. 


Location of Emergency Equipment

Fire Extinguishers: 1- Bow  1- Midship  1-Stern

Throw Ring: Hanging behind Captain’s chair

PFD’s: Under seats on both port and starboard sides

First Aid Kit: Restroom wall mounted

Boat Hook: Bow Section- Port Side 

Emergency Exit Locations

1- Bow (Front) entranceway doors 

1- Stearn (Rear) door

Potential Areas for Risk of Fires

Bar area, Fuel Tanks, Console, Restroom, Generator Room

Emergency Contact Information

Cecil Co. Police Dept.- (410) 398-2222

Local Emergency Center- (410) 392-2006



1. In the event of a Man-Overboard incident we ask you to follow the instructions outlined here and instructed by our crew. 

2. When it has been apparent that a guest has accidentally fallen  overboard then ANYONE on the vessel shall loudly yell “Man Overboard”. 

3. The captain will then advice to everyone that we are performing a Man Overboard drill and to remain in his or her seats unless otherwise instructed. 

4. The steward will inform all of our guests on board to keep an eye as to the location of the victim in the water. 

5. Any help spotting the victim in the water will aid in a swift rescue. However, it is important to maintain an environment so that the captain can be able to communicate properly. 

6. The captain will perform maneuvers to safely approach the victim with the steward on the starboard bow guiding the captain to the victim. 

7. Once there, the captain will put vessel in a neutral position and assist the steward to pull the victim from the water. WE STRONGLY ADVISE TO REMAIN IN YOUR SEATS UNLESS OTHERWISE DIRECTED. 

8. We may ask assistance from other guests to help the victim on board. 

9. Once the victim is onboard we ask guests to keep clear of the front gate and captain’s area in order for us to assist. 

10. We may have a guest or crew member to call emergency units or to assist the steward as instructed. 

11. Because other situations may arise while on board with us, all we ask is to listen to our experienced crew and they will get the situation resolved. 



Welcome to the M/V Bay Breeze!!! We are happy to welcome you aboard and should the need to ask any questions please to not hesitate to ask a crewmember. We are a 26-passenger vessel, documented with the United States Coast Guard. Once underway you are more then welcome to walk around the vessel. Children 18 years must wear a life vests if the parent/guardian instructs them to do so.  Your life vests are located under your seats in addition to the kids life vests in the forward section of the vessel. In the event that we need to abandon ship we ask you to don the life vest, as instructed, on the outside of the gate. Only in the event that we are sinking or loading/off-loading passengers should anyone be outside of the bow and stern gates while we are underway. Guests are not allowed inside the generator room at ANY TIMES. We also have fire extinguishers: 1-Forward, 1-Midship, and 1-Stern. Only crew is permitted to use the extinguishers unless instructed by the captain to do so. In the event of a MOB we ask that passengers along with crew help the captain by pointing at the victim in the water as the captain steers to them. The captain will inform you if they will need assistance.


The captain is responsible for the entire vessel when underway. If he/she needs any guests to sit down, music turned off, assistance from guests, or any other reason deemed necessary then the proper instructions should be followed. Passengers are prohibited from stand on the tables or sit on any windowsills. In addition, we do not allow swimming or tow behind inflatables. In the event that all of our crewmembers are unconscious we ask that a passenger hail the United States Coast Guard on Channel VHF 16. They will help guide you through the steps needed to have emergency personnel on the way. Please inform the crew on board of any special conditions prior to departing the dock. We will do our absolute best to accommodate guests in any way possible. All of our crew members are members of a drug consortium and properly licensed to operate passenger vessels. They are required to show, if asked, their current license if asked. At any point of the trip, if the captain feels that the crew and other guests are in danger or that there is other factors including weather, mechanical, etc. then they will return to Schaefer’s Canal House immediately. Because other situations may arise while on board with us, all we ask is to listen to our experienced crew and they will get the situation resolved. Welcome Aboard your relaxation destination boat cruise!

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