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Lucky "B" Bastard our company mascot

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We like to stay current with the latest trends over social media in order to deliver better guests experience and overall satisfaction! On the M/V Bay Breeze cruise boat, we enjoy hearing feedback from our guests! We encourage everybody's feedback because we want to make your current trip and future trips memorable. We welcome you to visit our growing list of social networks, not only to post a review, but to take part in promotions we may have from time to time. Welcome Aboard!


If you haven't Liked us yet then you better stop over to our Facebook page and hit the Mr. Like button today!

From events to reviews, sunset pictures to party info. our facebook page is a must like for your boat cruise excursions in the Upper Bay! Feel free to post your next sunset picture on our site along with your party pics!! Also be sure to take a picture with Lucky "B" next time your on the boat with us!!


Follow us on Twitter! Don't miss out on what we have going on aboard the M/V Bay Breeze!

If you are out and about, figuring out how to spend your weekend with a few friends then be sure to follow us on Twitter. We are always looking to pack our cruise boat with fun, entertaining guests that know how to have a good time! 

Trip Advisor

Our Trip Advisor page is your best source to see what other guest have thought about their cruise with M/V Bay Breeze! If you are coming from out of state and looking for a perfect way to spend an afternoon then come visit M/V Bay Breeze boat cruises! Read our reviews from guests who have decided to take the cruise!! Welcome Aboard...


Rate your trip on our Yelp page, and let your friends and co-workers how memorable your experience was with us!

Post a review on our Yelp page and tell your friends about the experience you had on board the M/V Bay Breeze! We look forward to your feedback and how we can add, and/or change our boat in order to make it better for years to come. 

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