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M/V Bay Breeze Destination Route

Main route is marked in Blue with alternative routes in yellow & red

Description of our Routes

We have several different routes that we have available to our captains on the Chesapeake City tour.


The arrows on the map marked in light blue indicate our main route that we use. In the event of high winds, increased wake activity, or deteriorating weather conditions we will use our yellow route and if there is severe weather in the surrounding area then we will hold on the red arrow pattern in order to stay close to Schaefer's. However if in the event the weather is in our immediate area then we will return to port and disembark our passengers.

Blue Route "Piney Creek Cove Tour"

Our route departs from Schaefer's Marina heading west. We navigate pass Dann Towing and MSRC on the starboard side. Next we will leave on our starboard side a view of the homes located at Deerhaven Development. Marking the end of the C&D Canal is our next stop, which is Welch Point. After exisiting the C&D Canal, we will then navigate to Oldfield Point and be in view of Bull Minow Pt. and Port Herman in front of us, with Herring Creek and Courthouse Point on the left. Piney Creek Cove will be on our starboard side after Oldfield Point. At Buoy 17, we will pass the range tower and turn to Port Herman alongside Hollywood Beach. After reaching Port Herman, we will then have Courthouse Point on the starboard side and then we will be on our way back to through the C&D Canal towards Schaefer's occasionally making a quick stop in the basin, in South Chesapeake City before docking at the marina.  


Yellow Route "Locust Point Tour"

Contributing factors including strong wind direction from the West, timing, wake activity from boat traffic, requests from the guests, and weather conditions may warrant us to head North and East after existing the C&D Canal, towards St. John Manor. Our route will take us North, having Elkmore on our port side along with Paddle Biddle on the starboard side. Just pass Elkmore Marina is where we will make our turn and head back towards the shipping channel making a port turn near buoy 23, directly across from Harbor North Marina. From there we cut by Randalia on our starboard side and in to the C&D Canal back to Schaefer's. 


Red Route "Summit Tour"

In the event that we have showers or strong winds we will hold to our most protected route available which is our Summit Tour route. We will make our way West through the canal to Welch Point and then make our turn to head back towards Schaefer's. However we will continue by the Chesapeake City Inn, Town Museum, and Army Corps of Engineers on the starboard side and head towards Summit North Marina. On our trip we will see a couple of bridges including the Chesapeake City Bridge, Summit Bridge, and Senator Roth Bridge. This route will be a C&D Canal only tour mainly to shield our guests from any severe weather that may come up during the cruise. If however on ANY of our tours that the captain on board deems the trip unsafe for passengers then we will head back to dock at Schaefer's. 


Depending on the situation and how far along in the trip we are will determine if refunds will be issued. 

All of the routes are very scenic and relaxing, so kick those shoes off... ~ Welcome Aboard!

Photos Courtesy Of: Mike Wickline "Coconut Cruizer"

Range tower at Town Point, Maryland on board the M/V Bay Breeze
Summit North Bridge in the C&D Canal
St. George's Bridge in the C&D Canal
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